Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Replaying a scene

Thanks to my lovely wife for making this space not so barren. She is always good at filling places up with her love and concern for others. There are times that I worry about her, for she cares so much for others that she doesn't pay as much attention to herself as she might. In the case of Amantha and Madyk, though, I think she speaks the truth. The two are constantly replaying a sad scene that knows no victorious result.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Austine in for Tyrus

Austine here, updating as Tyrus is busy. I am rather busy, myself, but I dislike having this space sitting here empty. I am unsure what to say here - should it be what is weighing most heavily on my mind? In that case, it would of course be the situation between Madyk and Amantha. I have watched the two grow into beautiful, talented adults with an apparent unending capacity for replaying the same roles over and over again: ardent suitor and indifferent ingenue. I do wish they would move on to other and more suitable roles than those.